The Salar de Uyuni ist he world´s largest salt flat and can be found in Bolivia. It has a thick salt crust and is exceptionally rich in lithium.

Our Uyuni quality is woven with a mix of yarns, resulting in diverse layers with a lot of structure. The cotton chenille in different counts and the space dyed wool recreate the salt layer on top of the rich mineral underground. The Colchani rugs have a chanel-esque chequered design.

Woven in a fashionable flat weave construction , all our rugs are handfinished with reinforced corners and an anti-slip layer for a secure fit. There is a superb choice of sizes available too, as each rug is woven in four standard sizes ranging from 140 x 200 cm up to 290 x 390 cm, ensuring there is a size just right for every room in the home.

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